Songs + Albums

Over 500 Original Songs

Shannon has written and recorded over five hundred original songs. They are all copyrighted and all lyrics are documented. We would be more than happy to share this whole collection of songs to you. If you have any special music you are looking for your films or projects, we would love to dig through the collection to find you what you need.

Musical Styles

Musically Adjacent Cruise is a meeting of many styles from Acoustic, Rock, Folk, Blues, Country, Pop, Classical, Jazz, Reggae, Alternative and more. While predominantly original, Adjacent Cruise love good songs and you may hear some old legend music at our shows. We perform as solo, duo, trio to a full band.


Influenced & Inspired by

Sublime, Jack Johnson, Damien Rice, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beethoven and everything out there that shines in such a way we become so influenced and inspired.



Adjacent Cruise (Coming Fall/Winter 2018): We are currently recording our first album as Adjacent Cruise. Plenty of new tunes coming out. Stay tuned for our album release party in Fall/Winter 2018.

Hidden Engines (2016): Recorded and Performed by Shannon Richardson. Mastering in progress. Releasing in Spring 2016 . Stay tuned.

Solid Rocket Booster (2012): Recorded by Shannon Richardson Band. Songs including: Shower Shoes – Crashing Down – Beautiful Life Is – So Disco – Lucid – Wild Birds – Hear Us In Heaven – So High – The Doors Will Fly Open – Everybody Knows But Me – Cracked Up to Be – The Save the World

Solo Compilations (2012): Recorded by Shannon Richardson. Songs including: Don’t Get Ahead – Everything – Somewhere in Between – Wild Birds – Sanity – Armed – Tight Jeans – The Doors Will Fly Open – Girl From Yesterday – I Still Love You So.

And More…