The Founding of Adjacent Cruise


Adjacent Cruise is founded by Chicago singer-songwriter Shannon Richardson and Hong Kong Clarinetist/Pianist Yuen Yee Richardson in 2015. Shannon previously performed as Shannon Richardson Band (aka SRB), his group and music went through a transformation and got its new name Adjacent Cruise to open for more possibilities.

“Adjacent by definition means so many beautiful things like to join, neighbor, get close to, be near, next to, by your side, along side touching, etc.  Cruise by definition could mean sail about in an area without a precise destination or achieve an objective with ease. If we all can cruise a musical dream adjacently, it is a truly magnificent thing.”

Hence, Shannon has chosen his most adjacent individual in his life, Yuen Yee, to partner with him in Adjacent Cruise.

“Adjacent Cruise is a name that was carried along for years that never felt right until now. This new project is something of a way to go back to where music is real and there is a connection. Looking for a journey and adventure that so many of us can go on. In life we are all adjacent – the human race, plants, animals and even the sun. In the end maybe it all is adjacent. If we could only be adjacent and cruise together, maybe there could be peace.” – Shannon Richardson

Our New Unique Sound


Chicago singer/songwriter Shannon Richardson and Hong Kong born-and-raised Classical musician Yuen Yee Richardson aim to combine their musical styles, cultures and create their very own unique sound as the new Adjacent Cruise.

They also welcome additional and collaborating musicians to bring their own styles and sounds to mix into their music to create something new and unique. 



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